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The points for attention when installing a LED display

Note 1: All installation methods are required to avoid collision of the frontage 4 corners of the cabinet, causing unnecessary damage and affecting the normal use of the cabinet. 

Note 2: when taking out cabinet from flight case, make sure the cabinet remain level and in a steady speed. Avoid any possible friction between the flight case clapboard and the cabinet if the cabinet inclined, which will affect the outlook and performance of the cabinet. 

Note 3: In general, unused cabinets must be placed in flight cases or carton boxes. However, in case of no flight cases or in other special conditions, the LEDs side should be placed upwards, separating cabinets with foam or soft paper when stacking (stacked layers ≤ 10PCS cabinet). Prohibit placing cabinet upright, in line of dominoes form (picture 3.3). 

Note 4: When make the cascade connection of power cable and signal cable, in order to ensure the cables in queue and beautiful, cables between two cabinets can be connected through the mounting hole. 

Note 5: When the event is finished, the LED cabinets should be keep into the flight case or other places, please arrange the power cable and signal cable as picture 3.5, put the cabinet in the right place after cleaning it. Handle gently when put the cabinets into the flight case.