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Dynamic Outdoor LED Displays Proven to Increase YOUR Bottom Line and Drive More Traffic Into Your Stores!

■ Impact customers with unique content for daily specials

■ Target drive-by audiences with customized messages

■ Stand out in your community

■ Eliminate less effective forms of advertising and their reoccurring costs

■ Dramatically increase sales of advertised items

Outdoor LED Displays

Outdoor LED Displays

Increase Your Advertising Control

Instantly communicate with your drive-by and in-store customers

■ Advertise up-to-the-minute daily specials – react even faster with our QuickTrigger expansion pack (app now available for iPhone/iPad)

■ Cater your messages to different audiences – morning, noon, or night

■ Increase impulse purchases and cross selling at your location

■ Lower your overall costs – LED technology runs longer, more efficiently and requires less maintenance than other signage

■ Attract attention with eye-catching graphics and text

■ Create and schedule professional-looking messages with our user-friendly Ooh!Media software

Outdoor LED Displays

Outdoor LED Displays

Increase Your Sales

Did you know? According to the Small Business Association:

■ The Average Business gets up to 50% of its sales from signage

■ 85% of an Average Business’ sales come from within 5 miles of the location

■ Businesses located on highways can acquire up to 95% of its sales from Signage

■ LED Displays typically increase sales from 15% up to 150%

Here are just a few examples of messages you could be communicating to your customers right now!

■ Advertise high profit products

■ Display specials of the day

■ Promote extended service hours

■ Inform customers of community events

■ Communicate safety messages

■ Reinforce rebates or special offers advertised elsewhere

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