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Alert and Inform Your Community with Government LED Signs

HCM’s commitment to durability and value, along with features such as our own user-friendly programming software and weather-sealed Protector case, makes our complete line of LED display products a wise choice for governmental and military applications.

Government buildings and civic organizations need to communicate a wide variety of messages every day. Adaptive’s changeable LED displays can help you get these kinds of notices out to your community faster and more effectively:

■ The latest community meeting schedules or cancellations

■ Community events

■ Emergencies, AMBER alerts, and weather alerts

■ Special parking regulations and availability

Alert and Inform Your Community with Government LED Signs

Alert and Inform Your Community with Government LED Signs

And in this time of increased security, color LED displays and signs are particularly conducive for everyday use on military bases and installations in a variety of climates:

■ Color-coded Homeland Security alert messages

■ Special advisories

■ Troop, employee and guest communications

Manufactured and engineered in the United States, LED displays from HCM Micro Systems can be used indoors and out, and enhance any important message with "unmissable" visual impact.

Wired or wireless networks expand network capabilities through any size territory, and solid-state LED displays provide energy efficient communications 24/7. Click here to connect with a HCM Representative today.</br></br>

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