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Spread the faith, inspire people and increase church attendance with powerful LED signs

Like any organization, building relationships with the community is very important, and a good relationship starts with effective communication. You might have already sent letters to the community or advertised in the local newspaper, but that can be time-consuming and costly. HCM's LED displays are an effective and cost-saving solution, helping you spread your message to church members and potential worshipers, alike.

LED church signs are a modern-day ministry tool. With LED church signs, you can turn passersby into new members and increase the size of your congregation, as well as the number of people that hear your important message. Eye-catching LED signs let you share the Word of God, even from a distance, and invite new and existing worshippers to share in fellowship with your congregation.

Now, you can inspire and motivate people with dynamic LED displays. These brightly-lit displays will attract attention and serve as a vital communication tool for the entire community. Gone are the days of updating your message, letter by letter, and printing signs and posters. With an LED church sign, you can update your message or quickly make announcements within minutes.

Make an Impactful Difference

Learn how HCM LED church signs can transform your church, congregation or religious organization into a "minister on the street."

■ Inform members of special services, prayer times, and holy days

■ Highlight church festivals, weddings, activities and fundraising events

■ Share daily affirmations and spiritual statements with your entire community

■ Welcome important guests, groups and new members

■ Reach potential visitors

■ Recognize church members, staff, and ministry teams

■ Program church events and holiday activities in advance

LED displays let you address your audience with dynamic messaging solutions. The bright lights and animations will attract members of the community, and draw attention to your important message. It's a perfect solution for community-wide messaging.

Enhance your audience

Reach out to current and potential members

■ Indoor and Outdoor Solutions for community-wide messaging

■ Lower your overall costs and power consumption – LED technology runs longer, more efficiently and requires less maintenance than other signage

■ Instantaneous visual messages provide spiritual uplift to community members Grab attention with eye-catching graphics and text

■ Create and schedule exciting messages with our user-friendly Ooh!Media software

powerful LED signs

Enhance your messaging

Did you know? LED Displays are Energy Efficient and Highly Flexible Messaging Tools!

■ Consume Up to 50% Less Power than Neon or Fluorescent Signage

■ Longer lasting: typical 10-12 year life cycle

■ Greater Reliability and Lower Ongoing Maintenance Costs

■ Create Simple Text Messages or Vibrant Full Color Graphics and schedule when and how you want them to display

■ Automatic Dimming to insure messages are safely read day or night

Here are just a few examples of messages you could be communicating to your members right now!


Affirmations or Spiritual Statements Community Events or Announcements

Special Services, Prayer Times, and Holy Days Recognition of members, staff, and ministry teams

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