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Dynamic LED Displays ENHANCE Campus Safety and ENCOURAGE School Spirit!

Enhance campus safety, encourage school spirit and communicate effectively with students, faculty and the community through dynamic LED messaging solutions.

Every school and university needs good communication to operate effectively.

Old-fashioned signs with changeable plastic letters are no longer practical. They're limited, more prone to vandalism and not often read by students. Luckily, LED signs are the solution. Both indoor and outdoor LED signs are more attractive, easier to read, 10+ year life cycle and are much brighter than LCD or plasma displays. Their brightness and animation are proven to attract attention and create awareness. Very visible from long distances, these signs are also visible through low levels of smoke, which is especially helpful during emergency situations.

Having an LED sign placed outside a school or campus is an energy efficient solution that helps to inform the community about seminars, alumni events and announcements without the need to enter the school premises. It lets you inform the entire community about the great things happening in your school.

Unlimited Uses

1.Keep parents, teachers and students informed at all times.

2.Improve student and faculty morale.

3.Heighten campus safety.

4.Increase awareness of upcoming events.

5.Inform everyone about safety alerts, weather warnings, and emergency instructions.

6.Welcome and guide visitors throughout campus.

7.Announce schedule changes or class cancellations.

8.Promote student activities, sporting events, and student achievements.

9.Advertise school fairs and fundraising events.

10.Promote school activities throughout the campus and the community.

11.Create a connected school community.

Dynamic LED Displays

HCM Campus Messaging Solutions

HCM LED displays will help you enhance awareness inside and outside of your campus. Used in combination with our innovative product design and intuitive software applications, our attention-grabbing LED school signs dynamically broadcast all campus activities.

HCM LED campus messaging solutions provide you with the unique opportunity to reach the entire campus community. Whether it’s a simple reminder or an important event, HCM led displays will provide you with a broadcast medium that improves information flow on campus.

HCM LED signs feature multilingual notifications, as well as eye-catching graphics and text that will surely attract everyone's attention.

Every LED sign is incorporated with Ooh! Media software that lets you create and schedule professional-looking messages. You can easily change messages from the school office and showcase them in real time in faculty rooms, hallways, bookstores, student unions, parking lots, and residence halls.

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