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LED Display Advertising & General Poster Advertising

Release on Aug. 09, 2018

General Poster Advertising

The General Advertising is a paper advertising through the way of stickering poster on the wall of various places such as squares, malls, etc. 

The ad is a once-time and cannot be reused. And it will waste many paper and have the weak attraction for pedestrians.

LED Display Advertising

The LED display is a flat panel display that contains a large number of LED module panels that can be used to display text, images, videos and other information. 

LEDs have good area ductility and can be arbitrarily extended and seamlessly spliced when conditions permit, thus ensuring the effect of image display. 

At the same time, the LED imaging element in the LED display has a slow decay of luminous flux and a long service life. 

With the interactive technology, the LED display can realize the gender interaction between the advertising medium and the advertising audience. 

People only need one computer or other equipments to change the advertising content of the display at will.

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